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Introduction of Department of Oral Biology

Department of Oral Biology was established in 1994, its predecessor was the Cytology Laboratory of the Center Laboratory. In China, the department is the oldest and largest Department of Oral Biology in the School of Stomatology.

In teaching, we were the first to open the course of oral biology for the undergraduate students, and wrote the first "Oral Biology" textbook in 1994. At the same time, we also opened the course of cell culture technology for graduate students. In recent years, we opened the course of oral genetic disease for both undergraduate and graduate students in the country for the first time.

Initially, we chose tumor cell biology as the main research directions of our departments. The main results obtained the Third National Science and Technology Progress Award. In recent 10 years, while continuing the tumor cell biology related research, we developed new areas of research, including osteoblasts biomechanical research, cartilage cells differentiattion, the role of ion channels in tooth, bone and cartilage development, molecules and mechanisms of oral genetic/rare disease and so on. At the same time, we created the Clinic of Oral Rare Diseases and Genetic Diseases, and established the country's first Oral Rare Diseases and Genetic Diseases Sample Library and Consulting Net.

Since the establishment of the department, we has assumed the national and provincial task 27, won 3 national invention and utility model patents, published 238 articles, and obtained a Third National Science and Technology Progress Award and a Second Army Science and Technology Progress Award. In the past 20 years, we cultured 81masters and Ph.D. graduates, among whom 10 members went to the United States, Japan, Germany, Canada, and Denmark for advanced studies. In recent years, we carried out deep research cooperation with the United States National Human Genome Research Institute, Aarhus University, University of Manitoba in Canada, Peking Union Medical College, Shanghai Fudan University, Xi'an Jiaotong University and other institutes. Director of the Department, Xiaohong Duan is the only Chinese editor of international professional journal Oral Biology Archs Oral Biol.

Department of Oral Biology, School of Stomatology, the Fourth Military Medical University

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